Our Services · Provides steel structure design, construction drawings, detail drawings, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, to provide customers with integrated services, customers save time, trouble, worry and money

Steel structure design is difficult, many skills, professional team to provide quality service

Cases · Experienced, provide more optimized steel structure technical solutions

Proficient in a variety of design software, the team in the construction site, processing plants, design institute are experienced, from each link to create value for customers.

About us · Technical solution provider for steel structure

Excellent design team, professional technical services, so that customers save time, trouble, worry, money

Shanghai steeler steel structure design engineering Co., LTD (abbreviation: Steeler Company) , focuses on providing services in high-rise steel structure, large span structure, space shaped steel structure, landscape steel structure, factory, warehouse, housing, steel structure bridge and other types of steel structure project. 

Steeler company cooperates with the first-class design qualification units, and can provide one-stop services such as steel structure design, construction blueprint drawings, seal, signature, detail drawings, processing and construction guidance.

In order to adapt to One Belt And One Road strategy, to serve overseas customers and chinese-funded overseas projects, Steeler company has established cooperative offices in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Nepal, which can directly communicate with foreign customers overseas, and can skillfully complete the design and consulting services of steel structure projects of American standard, European standard, Australian standard, Indian standard and so on.

In order to better serve our customers, Steeler Company established a WeChat Subscription (ID: steelercn),  In early 2020, the WeChat Subscription account had more than 40,000 followers and has been widely praised.

Steel academy · Deliver value information

To disseminate knowledge of steel structure, promote technical progress and enhance technical exchanges