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Our company and its legal associated company are divided into three major brands and business layouts:

Steeler -- Shanghai Steeler Steel Structure Design engineering Co., LTD., the main business: all kinds of steel structure project innovation research and development, structural design, manufacture detail design, on-site installation, engineering management and other technical services;

Huigai -- Huigai Container (Shanghai) Co., LTD., the main business: Industrial special container, custom container house, modular buildings, special-shaped steel structure design and manufacturing;

Xinyuan - zhejiang xinyuan architectural design co., LTD., Shanghai first branch, with the construction industry (architectural engineering) class A design qualification, municipal industry (water supply, water drainage, road engineering) class B design qualification, can undertake various construction and municipal planning and design, construction drawing design of the project, approval to establish, signature and seal of the construction blueprint, and other services;