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About Us

Shanghai Steeler Steel Structure Design Engineering Co., LTD. (Chinese trademark: 缇勒, English trademark: Steeler), the national high-tech enterprises, is committed to steel structure design, structure optimization design, manufacture drawing design, structure calculation, manufacture, construction, project management, project consulting in the integration of high-tech enterprise, dedicated to provide clients with many kinds of steel structure project design, manufacture , installation, consulting, management, and other integrated services.

Our company cooperates with the industry class A design qualification unit, can provide steel structure design, construction blueprint, seal, signature, processing detailed drawing, manufacturing and installation guidance and other one-stop services.  

In order to serve overseas customers and Chinese overseas projects, our company has established cooperation offices in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Nepal, which can directly connect with foreign customers, and can proficifully complete the design and consulting services of foreign standard steel structure projects such as GB standard, American standard, European standard, Australian standard and  India standard.

In order to better serve customers, our team established a wechat official account of "Steel Structure Design" (ID: Steerlercn) in 2013. In the past 8 years, we have continuously updated and published thousands of technical articles related to steel structure. Our wechat official account is committed to promoting new theories, new technologies, new materials and excellent engineering examples in the steel structure industry, and has set up a platform for steel structure knowledge dissemination and exchange of steel structure practitioners. [Steel Structure Design] wechat public account has accumulated tens of thousands of related practitioners fans, widely praised.

Please scan the following wechat QR code and add the wechat official account [Steel Structure Design] (ID: Steelercn) for more information.