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Section steel inquiry (overseas) V20201107


Our company and a software company developed European standard steel query software.

YLP steel query tool (including overseas) V3 (2021-4-12)

Software download address:

Software Introduction:

This software is free to use, no registration, no installation, no copyright restrictions, no advertising pop-ups, bilingual interface in Chinese and English, applicable to various versions of the Windows operating system.

The software has six main functions: international steel query, custom section parameters query, 2D plane concrete section query, unit conversion, interpolation tools, AutoCAD drawing plug-in.

At the same time, all functions have both Chinese and English interface, convenient for domestic and foreign engineers to use.


1. International steel inquiry

(1) The countries and regions included are: China, Europe, British, USA, Australia and India.

(2) can be queried: H-beam (wide flange H-beam, flange H-beam, narrow flange H-beam), I, Angle, channel, circular tube section, rectangular tube section, square tube section parameter query.

(3) Steel parameters can be queried: steel shape size, weight per unit length, cross-sectional area, mechanical property parameters of section.


2. Custom section parameter query

H type, square pipe, round pipe can be customized section size, can query the corresponding parameters of various sections.


3. 2D plane concrete section query

Optional cross section, including rectangle, hollow rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle, ring, T type, engineering type, C type, L type section, can query the corresponding cross section parameters of various sections.


4. Unit conversion

The unit conversion of length, area, volume, force, stress, mass and weight is provided.


5. Interpolation tools

It provides fast calculation of primary interpolation and secondary interpolation.


6. AutoCAD drawing plug-in

Provides the CAD commonly used functions of the plug-in, free registration.


This software is developed by the "steel structure design" public number, "European standard specification learning space" public number team, cooperation.


Software download address: