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2020 year-end summary: the year's most concerned steel structure article


2020 is over, and it's been a year of magical happenings. We have witnessed an unprecedented period.

As is customary, the Steel Structure Design team took stock of the year's publications and compiled a summary of the most noteworthy steel structure articles.

A total of 426 articles were published on the official account of "Steel Structure Design" in 2020, including 15 original articles. A total of 222 articles were published in the whole year, with an average of 4.3 articles per week and 1.9 articles per time.

It is divided into seven aspects:

1. Case Studies (87 in total)

2. Specifications and Standards (12 articles in total)

3. Industry Insights (18 articles in total)

4. Trade show (3 articles in total)

5. Industry Knowledge (181 papers in total)

6. Industry Information (112 articles in total)

7. Accident Analysis (13 articles in total)


In 2021, we will continue to work hard to push more valuable steel structure articles for you;

If you want to know the knowledge of steel structure, please leave a message to tell us.

Thanks for your continued attention!

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