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Overseas Office

Overseas cooperation offices:

United States cooperation office

Contact: Mr. Xue

Address: NO.3900 Briargrove Lane, Dallas, Texas, USA

Mobile:  +1-716-8032348


Certification:  Texas Registered Professional Engineer (Civil/Structural) in USA

Language: English, Chinese

Specialty: America standard and Europe Standard project structure design

Canada cooperation office

Contact:  Mr. Will Liu

Address:  Angus Dr, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mobile:  +1-306-8509306


Certification:  Licensed Structural Engineer of China; Licensed Civil Engineer (geotechnique) of China

Language:  English, Chinese

Specialty:  North America standard, Europe Standard and GB project structure design

Singapore cooperation office

ContactMr. Liu

AddressBlk 86, Dawson Road, Singapore , 141086


CertificationProfessional Engineer (Singapore), Chartered Engineer

LanguageEnglish, Chinese

Specialty: Europe Standard, British Standard and Australian standard project structure desig


Nepal cooperation office

Contact: Mr. Ukesh

Address: Nasmana-14, Bhaktapur, Nepal


Title: registered structural engineer of Nepal

Language: English, nepalese, Indian

Specialty: European standard, Indian standard and Nepal standard project structure design