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Steeler provides integrated steel structure design, manufacturing and construction services.
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BIM Design Services
  • BIM Design Services

BIM Design Services

  • BIM modeling
Steeler provides BIM services to create value for its customers.
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  • BIM Technical Service

    Revit is just one of the BIM software series. BIM is a big topic. Do not simply understand that BIM is modeling and BIM is 3D graphics.


    1. BIM model: lightweight BIM application; Bring BIM results, drawings and technical disclosure to the site.

    2. Document management: enterprise and project web disk; Connect the relevant documents of the enterprise with the BIM model and make the model the carrier of information to give play to greater value.

    3. Collaborative office: OA, announcement, project dynamics, real-time chat, meeting communication, attendance punching and performance assessment; The cloud platform equipped with BIM model is used for traditional project management and control. 4. Design management: design disclosure, model coordination, model and drawing joint review, design document upload and update, design change;

    5. Quality management: customized quality management business based on BIM model, such as quality acceptance, quality inspection, inspection, on-site technical disclosure, etc., and fixed-point inspection;

    6. Safety management: Standardization definition of safety management business based on BIM model to support on-site safety management business, such as hazard identification, safety responsibility area division, safety inspection, safety inspection, and on-site safety disclosure;

    7. Schedule management: planning, viewing, summarizing and analyzing, adjusting, assisting decision-making and network diagram based on BIM model;

    8. Cost management: overall project cost management based on BIM model, business execution (project estimation, budget estimate, contract planning, acquisition, contract, payment, change, completion settlement, etc.), summary statistics, and model quantities;

    9. Green site: hardware docking, display the project site green site information;

    10. Data analysis and decision-making: decision-making cockpit, enterprise Kanban, project Kanban;

    11, enterprise architecture: support multi-level management and business authorization;

    12. Rigorous and flexible authority system: Project authority is detailed and flexible enough.

    First, BIM consists of a set of software:


    In combination with these software, BIM has the following functions:

    1. The most intuitive feature of BIM for collision inspection is 3d visualization, which can reduce the error of drawing recognition. The 3D technology of BIM is used for collision inspection in the early stage, which can intuitively solve the conflict of spatial relations, optimize the engineering design, reduce the possible errors and rework in the construction stage, and optimize the headroom and pipeline layout scheme. Finally, the construction personnel can make use of the optimized collision scheme to conduct construction disclosure and construction simulation, improve the construction quality, and also improve the ability to communicate with the owner.

    2, simulation construction effective coordination 3d visualization function plus the time dimension, can carry out progress simulation construction. Visually and quickly compare the construction plan with the actual progress anytime and anywhere, while effectively coordinating. The construction party, the supervisor, even the owners and leaders who are not from the engineering industry can know all kinds of problems and situations of the project like the back of their hands. In this way, BIM technology combined with construction plan, construction simulation and on-site video monitoring can reduce construction quality problems, safety problems, rework and rectification.

    3, 3D rendering propaganda display 3d rendering animation, through virtual reality to let customers have a sense of substitution, give people a sense of reality and direct visual impact, with the bidding demonstration and construction phase adjustment implementation plan. The built BIM model can be used as the model foundation for the secondary rendering development, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the 3D rendering effect, provides the owner with more intuitive publicity and introduction, and improves the chance of winning the bid.

    4. Data sharing because data from the construction process is the most valuable data for operations and management for decades to come. The simulated model and data can be shared with the operation and maintenance parties. BIM, as an information exchange platform, can enable owners, management companies, construction units, construction teams and other units to achieve data sharing on the same platform, making communication more convenient, collaboration more close, and management more effective. 5. Accumulate experience and save information in the simulation process to acquire knowledge and skills that are not easy to accumulate in construction.